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Building a world-class quality electrical switch solution manufacturer

Issued on: 15 April 2014

Latest Products of KEDU Electric Launched in Hanover Exhibition, Germany

From April 23 to April 27, the Hannover Messewas held in Hannover International Exhibition Center, Germany. The latest products and technology of KEDU Electric participated in this event. The main products shown in this exhibitionincludeelectric tool switches, low voltage electrical tools and switches, wall switch, motor protector, circuit breakers, and etc. According to the exhibition site feedback, our products have been recognized bythe domestic and oversea experts, customersand peers. The main customersinquiring our products are from Germany, Canada, France, Sweden, Russia, Italy, the United States, etc. By this exhibition, KEDUElectric successfully shows the highlights of the latest products, deepening the understanding and cognitionof customers to KEDU brand, expanding the international recognition, properly promoting the internationalization of the brand, opening up the international channels, and further developing theforeign tradeof KEDU Electric.